Monday, September 10, 2018

The Women's Study Bible from Thomas Nelson and Dorothy Kelley Patterson and Rhonda Harrington

  It's been a while since I have reviewed a Bible, and this one has become a staple. The Woman's Study Bible published by
Thomas Nelson, is really special.

Besides being beautiful, what has really stood out to me are the essays and contributions from so many amazing women. Over 80 women contributed to this Bible! These women offer insight for women in all stages of life, in all demographics. Dorothy Kelley Patterson and Rhonda Harrington did a great job editing and pulling it all together.  It also includes tons of maps, charts and timelines to aid you in your Biblical understanding.

I found this Bible easy to read, with large text and bright colors. It's just a delight to use and enjoy. This Bible in particular would make an excellent present for any woman!

I received this Bible from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my review.

The Lifegiving Table by Sally Clarkson

When reading a Sally Clarkson book, I can almost imagine myself seated at her table. An inviting place with words of wisdom. In The Lifegiving Table, Sally invites you to pull up a chair and learn about her family table.

This is more than just a place where food is consumed, but where minds and ideas are nurtured. Sally says,
 "What is my vision for my lifegiving table? I picture that I am nourishing souls and spirits with both physical food and the everlasting food of the Word of God. I am providing grace and peace through gently accepting whoever joins us at the table. I am speaking hope forward by articulating my confidence in God's love, faithfulness, and kindness for each person. I am establishing a spirit of graciousness by welcoming all who come as guests of the loving Host who serves all and makes us all whole." (The Lifegiving Table, P35.)
Sally  helps us catch that vision and understand how to turn your table into a way to connect with your children and others. The book is full of helpful and practical advice to do so. While not every idea is going to fit every family, they serve as inspiration to do what does fit. There are some great, special recipes along the way. Our family has enjoyed a few of the around our table. This book is a worthwhile read, even if you are not in a season where all the ideas feel realistic for you. I stored a lot of her advice in my heart and a year later am able to implement more!

I received this book from Tyndale Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

David Allen Sibley - Birds of Land, Sea and Sky - 50 Postcards

I never thought I would get excited about postcards. From the moment I saw Sibley Birds of Land, Sea, and Sky postcard set, I was obsessed.
This little box contains 50 expertly illustrated bird postcards. And no, I will never send them. I am just going to stare at them lovingly forever. They are printed on a hard, smooth paper that comes in various shades of white. The birds are divided into sections, Waterfowl, Woodpeckers, Wading Birds, Songbirds, and Owls & Raptors. All of the illustrations are equally striking and colorful.

For those who do desire to send them, the back has a place for a small note, address and stamp. I intend to use them as a learning resource for my children. I might even frame a few, that's how gorgeous these are.

I received these from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Peppers of the Americas by Maricel E. Presilla

As my love for gardening has grown, so has my fascination with peppers. Collecting new seeds and trying different heirloom varieties has been such a learning experience. Reading through Peppers of the Americas: The Remarkable Capsicums That Forever Changed Flavor by 
Maricel E. Presilla has given me tons of new insight and new knowledge.

This cookbook with a twist is history, pepper dictionary and recipes all in one. You can really learn all one could ever want to know about peppers and how to use them. It is obvious that the author has a deep love and understanding for peppers. It just shines through every part of the book. The photography makes this book a delight to look at, and it is really helpful too.

If you are a pepper connoisseur or just have a casual interest, this book has something for you!

Thanks to Blogging for Books for this copy in exchange for my honest review.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Curious Christian by Barnabas Piper

  The Curious Christian is a book that really took me by surprise last year. It is a totally unique book about the role of curiosity in our lives. Barnabas Piper takes a long look at what curiosity is, how it shapes us, our relationships and our walk with God.

The book starts out with a look at how we tend to grow up and leave our curiosity behind. As we strive for maturity, we often lump curiosity in with other childish traits. We really need curiosity in our relationships, our church and for ourselves.

I loved that this book is more than just ideas, but is really very practical too. He addresses curiosity in books, media, nature, and music. And ultimately, how our curiosity can grow and shape our relationship with Christ.

I found this book really challenging and interesting.

I received this book from B&H Publishing in exchange for my honest review. 

Friday, December 22, 2017

Magic Stix from The Pencil Grip, Inc. REVIEW

I am so excited to have the chance to work with The Pencil Grip, Inc. again! Last time I was able to review their excellent Thin Stix. They have since become an art staple in our house. It was a no brainier to try their new markers, Magic Stix.

I was most impressed by their claim that you can leave the cap off of these for seven days before these dry out. I feel like cap loss is pretty much inevitable in my house, so we will be testing that claim someday I'm sure. These marker are completely odorless, totally washable and perfect for a variety of projects.

My kids used them to make special Christmas presents. They made bookmarks for our pastor, friends and grandparents. I laminated the bookmarks when they finished and the colors are still super vibrant. The sweet pictures they drew really pop.

I even joined in the fun and colored! I am picky about the markers I use and I loved these. They aren't too dry, you don't feel like they scrape along the paper. They are wet, but not so wet that the leave holes in the paper after a few passes. You can build up the color and they even blend a bit. I really like the sturdy plastic case that they come in. It is not a throw away case, but really does help keep them organized.

Having quality art supplies in the house seems to boost creativity almost instantly. When the products work like they should and are a delight to use my kids keep coming back to them. We might need to upgrade from the 12 pack to 24 pack soon.

If your family could use a little creative fun, give these markers a try!

 Thanks to The Pencil Grip, Inc. for providing these in exchange for my honest review. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Strictly Briks

My son is a lego building fanatic. Since he was old enough to snap those little pieces together, he has been unstoppable. Strictly Briks offers hundreds of unique building materials that you simply cannot find elsewhere.
Having trouble finding baseplates? No problem, they carry every color and shape and size you can imagine- they even have stackable plates! They have silicone briks that bend and flex, Creatorz briks, that let you snap together on any side. Basically, they carry anything you might need to jump start your creativity and imagination. Instead of just providing what you need to make a specific set, Strictly Briks provides the pieces to make anything you can dream up. 

We recently got to try some of the pieces out thanks to Tryazon. One of the highlights was this Brik Buster game. It was a blast and had the kids laughing hysterically. Think Jenga with legos. First the kids build the tower, then each person knocks out a brick. The goal is to keep the tower standing. I think half the fun for the kids though, was watching it fall.

If you have a lego lover in your family, I recommend checking out Strictly Briks!