Saturday, April 11, 2015

Better Breakfast Party!

Tonight I had the chance to host my first Tryazon party! So exciting. I really had a lot of fun and learned a lot about being a host for this type of party. The Better Breakfast Party had us testing out Umpqua Oats and Coffig.

Displaying IMG_20150410_175738047.jpgUmpqua Oats are made in the USA, GMO Free, whole grain certified, kosher certified, and have no gluten ingredients. Sounds pretty good right? Well I promise you this, it tastes even better. Umpqua Oats was created by two ladies fed up with boring oatmeal packets. They come in a ton of different flavors and are quick to make. In fact, showing people how easy they were to make was my favorite part. You just shake them up, remove the seal, add hot water and wait 3m. I had all my guests use my Keurig brewer to get hot water, which only takes seconds. The flavor on the bottom left, oh yeah, that's my favorite- Salted Caramel Meltdown! These were a huge hit.

Displaying IMG_20150410_174712884.jpgThe other thing we tested was Coffig, a roasted fig "coffee" beverage. I really liked the idea of this one. This family-owned and operated business created this beverage from black mission figs. Their story is really interesting, you can learn more here. I thought it would be fun to create Coffig lattes. First we brewed a super strong coffig espresso. I steamed milk and put them together just like a regular latte. In the photo you an see the far right beverage is all ready to go. The last step was to add a little cinnamon on top. The flavor is coffee like and very rich. Almost everybody liked it. I will be honest we did have a few who were not in love with it.

  For the party I invited a few friends who had teenage kids. I threw the party at a generous friends house- she has a lot more space than me ;) I thought it would be fun to talk about healthy breakfast habits. I was surprised to learn that most of the teenagers didn't eat breakfast? They just didn't have time before school. If they did eat it was something with very little nutritional value. I think they were convinced they had time to make up some oatmeal. The adults were the ones who mostly tried the Coffig. It was a really fun gathering. I have to say the hardest part was convincing everybody to get a picture. By the time I remembered to do it half of my guests had gone. I did manage to get a few to submit in my report. I think that was the most valuable lesson I learned for the party. Get a photo of everybody first. I would love to host more Tryazon parties in the future. It was a great opportunity.