Saturday, December 24, 2016

Bible Basics Board Book-- PLUS GIVEAWAY!

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We have at least five different counting primers on our bookshelf. Cute board books, counting fruit, animals or colors. I can definitively say that we don't have anything like this book on our shelf though. 

Instead of counting cows, this book counts through key tenets of the Christian faith. Danielle Hitchen does such a great job in the Bible Basics at explaining the "basics" in a deep way. This may be a small book intended for young children, but the content is purposeful.    

So what is being counted in Bible Basics?

 1 God
 2 Natures of Jesus
 3 Persons of the Trinity
 4 Gospels
 5 Books of the Pentateuch
 6 Days of Creation
 7 'I AMs' of Jesus
 8 Beatitudes
 9 Fruits of the Spirit
10 Commandments 

I believe young children are capable of learning and understanding more of the deeper truths of scripture than one might guess. My own children surprise me with what they can retain. I like that this book doesn't shy away from the deep things. Instead, it invites children into the conversation. Some of the content might be challenging, but I don't think challenging is necessarily a bad thing.  

The quality and feel of this book is just top notch. The illustrations by Jessica Blanchard make this book a true pleasure to look through. The pages are thick and pictures vividly colored with a matte finish.

From the great content to the beautiful pictures this board book is a new favorite. This is one counting primer you can count on.

AND I have one to give to you! If you would like to win a copy of Bible Basic leave me a quick comment here. US residents only, 18+. Giveaway closes December 31st!

I received this book in exchange for my honest review from the BlogAbout Network, all opinions are my own.



  1. What a perfect tool to teach our little ones about the more difficult concepts of the Bible! It's so important to start them learning these things at a young age ❤️😊!

  2. I LOVE this concept- theology in a form for the littlest hands. We have started basic theology and catechism with my older boys, this little book would be a perfect start for my littlest one. The artwork looks gorgeous,as well.