Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Product Review: Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Waterproof Concealer, Neutral Medium

 So, I feel like I have tried every under-eye concealer out there. It seems like they either don't work or are to expensive. Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Waterproof Concealer is my perfect balance. It works well, but at $13.99 (on Amazon ) it won't break the bank.

The product comes in a small tube, but don't be fooled, a little goes a long way. The product is super thick. I find letting it sit on my finger and warm up helps it to apply easier.

The color is called "neutral medium". I was a little freaked out at first because I don't think my skin tone would ever be considered neutral or medium lol. I have very pale skin, but this color is just perfect for me.

The biggest problem I have with this concealer is that is goes on shiny. The consistency is a little oily so dark eye-make tends to bleed into your under-eye area. I set mine with powder, which takes away the shiny problem. However, even set, I still experience makeup smudging down. I just remind myself to check the mirror a few hours into use. Any little dark smudges rub off really easily, but it's still annoying.

SO PROOF that this stuff works-- Here is me, after I applied my regular foundation (Clinique Stay-Matte Oil-Free Foundation.)

Oh, look, I still have under-eye issues great. Time for some Bye Bye Under Eye 

Whew, that's better.