Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sewing Storm

I am still making over here! This weeks projects were a diaper caddy, leggings and burp cloths. Honestly I am starting to run out of project ideas. I am so enjoying the distraction from reality though.

The divided basket is a free pattern from Noodlehead. This was such a fun and quick evening sew. I opted to sew leather handles on after the bag was assembled. I am so happy with the way that it turned out. I plan to keep it full of baby essentials in our living room. Of course, at 35 weeks I haven't purchased a single package of newborn diapers yet... but hey, when I do, they can go in this cute caddy.

I threw together a few quick burp clothes in the process. I only have a million of these already from Violet. BUT, I feel like every new baby needs a few new things. The bottom three are knit from Joann's backed with chenille. The top one is just some scraps I threw together with chenille.

I really wanted to create my own stamp to customize some swaddle blankets and a few white onesies. I already had most of the supplies so I carved this little feather. This was so fun. Basically now I want to carve a million more stamps and create tons of new textiles. I picked up a stamp-pad at Joann's that you can use on fabric. You let it dry and then set it with an iron. It should be interested to see how these wash up.

The legging pattern was free from here. I loved that the waistband wasn't elastic but another piece  knit. I feel like elastic waistbands can sometimes cut into little tummies if they aren't just the right size. It's impossible to know beforehand how big or small babies stomach is going to be. The pattern has 3-6, 6-9 and 9-12 months. I scaled the pattern down even further and made a 0-3 size from the pattern pieces.

Any good ideas for baby sewing projects? I would really like to make a new diaper bag and maybe this cargo duffle