Wednesday, March 14, 2018

David Allen Sibley - Birds of Land, Sea and Sky - 50 Postcards

I never thought I would get excited about postcards. From the moment I saw Sibley Birds of Land, Sea, and Sky postcard set, I was obsessed.
This little box contains 50 expertly illustrated bird postcards. And no, I will never send them. I am just going to stare at them lovingly forever. They are printed on a hard, smooth paper that comes in various shades of white. The birds are divided into sections, Waterfowl, Woodpeckers, Wading Birds, Songbirds, and Owls & Raptors. All of the illustrations are equally striking and colorful.

For those who do desire to send them, the back has a place for a small note, address and stamp. I intend to use them as a learning resource for my children. I might even frame a few, that's how gorgeous these are.

I received these from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review.

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