Monday, February 19, 2018

Peppers of the Americas by Maricel E. Presilla

As my love for gardening has grown, so has my fascination with peppers. Collecting new seeds and trying different heirloom varieties has been such a learning experience. Reading through Peppers of the Americas: The Remarkable Capsicums That Forever Changed Flavor by 
Maricel E. Presilla has given me tons of new insight and new knowledge.

This cookbook with a twist is history, pepper dictionary and recipes all in one. You can really learn all one could ever want to know about peppers and how to use them. It is obvious that the author has a deep love and understanding for peppers. It just shines through every part of the book. The photography makes this book a delight to look at, and it is really helpful too.

If you are a pepper connoisseur or just have a casual interest, this book has something for you!

Thanks to Blogging for Books for this copy in exchange for my honest review.