Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Torchlighters- Robert Jermain Thomas Story

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The rains and stormy weather have returned to our coastal home. Last night the weather was just terrible and we needed something to do indoors. I made some popcorn and we watched the newest release from one of our favorite Christian children's movies-- The Torchlighters. Torchlighters is produced by International Films, The Voice of the Martyrs, and Christian History Institute. Each of their DVDs tell the story of a real hero or heroine of the Christian faith. They are animated cartoons but they do not skirt the truth of what actually happened. They are entertaining and interesting but also factual and educational. I find myself learning along with the kids.

This Torchlighters: The Robert Jermain Thomas Story is the newest in the series. I was excited to watch this with the kids because I had never actually heard of him. He was a missionary to China and Korea in the mid-nineteenth century. He risks everything to smuggle Bibles into Korea.

The episode is about 30 minutes and recommended for children 8-10. I was a little hesitant to watch it with our 5 year-old, but I'm glad we did! There are a few intense moments, but it is an intense story. I want my children to know and understand the sacrifice that these heroes of the faith made. It is part of our Christian heritage and history. Some elements of the story needed explanation, especially the political/trade element. I'm pretty sure most of that went totally over my sons head, even with explanation. However the core message really stuck.

My son was deeply moved by the story. The story really emphasizes that the Bible is our treasure. This inspired a great conversation with my son about the Bible, and how many have risked their lives to distribute, acquire and translate Bibles throughout history. We are incredibly blessed to have numerous Bibles laying around the house and the freedom to read them. Any resource, be it a book or DVD that inspires great conversation and learning is a winner in our house! I have recently heard great things about the Theo series as well. They are fun animated stories that teach theology to children. I hope to pick those up eventually as well.

I received this dvd from FishFlix in exchange for my honest review.

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