Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Radical Book For Kids

Watching my children grow in their knowledge and love of Christ has been the most rewarding and humbling experience. I have never felt so powerless but also so responsible?! Titus is turning 6 soon and I'm constantly asking myself, how do I encourage his faith to take root?

The Radical Book For Kids was written for kids like ours, for parents like us. This book is specifically for kids 8-14th but I read many of the relevant pages to my kids.

The aim of the book is to look at the "ancient roots of our faith". This book has a ton of content. It explores many different areas of knowledge from science to archeology. There is a section about how to read stories from the Bible and one about how to make a sling like David. It goes deep into numerous passages of the Bible and looks at martyrs of the faith. It is serious and studious but also at times really fun and silly. Above all it keeps the focus on Christ and your relationship with Him.

Because the book is divided into short sections (2-4 pages usually) it works great to read as a devotional with the kids. I usually flip through and find a topic that stands out and read it. We pull it out  during lunch or morning time. For readers they can start wherever they are interested. The book all has a similar theme, but doesn't need to be read from start to finish. It's fun to bounce around in. There are also some activities to do with your kids, like make pottery or a sundial.

I can guarantee that your kids will learn something from this book because I certainly have. I find myself constantly thinking "hey, I didn't know that!". The pages are full of bright, beautiful pictures that really enhances the content. The kids insist on sitting on either side of me while I read, so they get the best view of the pages. I also want to mention how lovely the cover is. The letterpressed writing, the gold, just beautiful. It's a sturdy book and very well designed. All around, from content to design, this is a book you don't want to miss.

Thank you to Litfuse for the chance to review this book!

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