Monday, March 30, 2015

2 Kid-Friendly Apps My Family LOVES

I get really frustrated with kid's apps sometimes. I was so excited when I got my Kindle Fire to put some apps for the kids on there. Unfortunately it seemed like they all had advertisements. My kids always end up clicking on them accidentally. All I need is my daughter making a bunch of random purchases! The kids don't get a lot of screen time, but it's fun every so often. Our two favorite apps are both made by Sago Mini--

 Both my four year old and my two year old play this Sago Mini Friends. You get to chose an animal and then walk around to the other animals homes. At each house there is a little activity you do inside. My kids favorite is feeding the animals and dressing the animals up. It is super cute. 

This Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer game is very fun too. At first my kids had a hard time figuring out how to get the fish to interact with the other characters, after a little trial and error they got the hang of it. There is a lot more to do on this app than it originally looks like. There are lots of areas to explore and characters to meet. There are lots of silly things to do.

They are both usually priced at $2.99. However if you keep and eye on free apps, sometimes you will see these.

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