Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Temple and the Tabernacle

Rainy and wet around these parts today. The perfect day to catch up on a few reviews that I am behind on. This book is one that I have been meaning to review for quite some time! The Temple and the Tabernacle is a full color exploration of the significance and beauty of God's dwelling places.

I knew this book would be a great resource to use with the kids. As we read through the Old Testament so much revolves around the building of the tabernacle and the temple. I thought having this resource with it's beautiful full-color illustrations and pictures would be really helpful. At the same time the book as seriously helped fill in many gaps in my own understanding of the temple and tabernacle. J. Daniel Hays does an excellent job at making what I have previously misconceived as a relatively dry subject really interesting. This book bring together the newest in archaeological discoveries without compromising a Biblical foundation.

 I received a copy of the book from Baker Publishing.

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