Sunday, November 20, 2016

Smart Games Party

Games for KidsI just love when I get the chance to host Tryazon parties. Recently I got the chance to host a Smart Games party! The quality and educational value of these games truly exceeded my expectations.

I like to keep a few games around for the kids to play during quiet moments. It's great for when I need to work with one child for school, I can have the other one keeping their hands busy with a game. It minimizes distractions for the child who is actively trying to learn and keeps the other one happy and entertained- no screens necessary.

What I really liked about these games was the degree of educational value and entertainment. Not only did all of the kids at the party enjoy playing them, but these are a superb brain workout. These games were just different than a lot of games I have seen out there, They are also all relatively small and self contained. I hate losing game pieces and trying to store big game boxes, All three games would work in the car or slipped in a purse.

 The IQ XOXO game is for ages 6 and up. This is a multi-level logic game, so there are many levels of difficulty that can be played. With 120 puzzles there is something to stump just about anybody. You set up the pieces as the book shows you and then try and fit the rest of the pieces in around them. It's actually pretty challenging and fun. The game is all enclosed in the clear case and it's perfect for travel. I liked  that the pieces the child wasn't using could rest in the open lid and not fall out onto the floor of the car.

My kids love this Busy Bugs Magnetic Travel game. It's ages 7+ but also has many different levels of difficulty. You move the magnetic pieces around make the bugs match the pictures. I actually had fun trying to figure a few of these out, it's not as easy as it looks! Like the other games its compact and this one closes up like a book. I think I will keep this in my purse for the kids to play on the road or in waiting rooms.

The final game is called Ghost Hunters.
This game is for 6+ and has 60 challenges. This one is a lot of fun and a really creative game. You move the different tiles around to shine your flashlight of the different ghosts. The pieces all have to fit just right to solve the puzzle. The base of the game holds all the puzzle papers. The  container that holds it all is super sturdy and the lid stays snapped shut when you want it too.

I was really happy with the quality of all of these games. They are well designed and all the details have been thought out to make them portable and fun to play. After trying these I put a few more Smart Games games on the Christmas list!

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