Friday, December 2, 2016

Around Our House Week 2

Every year around this time I determine to make the most of the advent season. Then a few days before Christmas I ask myself where the season went?! I'm an excellent planner but a questionable follow-througher. 

I picked up a hefty load of Christmas books on hold at the library today. I had the baby in one arm and the book bag in the other. It was a heavy, but well-balanced load.

The kids eagerly helped me snip some branches from our evergreen trees and arrange them in a vase. I loved the Story Warrens beautiful ornaments for our Jesse tree.

Earlier this week we gathered with friends to roll beeswax candles. I have always wanted to do this and I am so thankful for friends who think rolling beeswax candles would be cool! ha. I don't know how many times the mom's said "roll it tighter!" In the end they turned out great, wonky ones and all. The best part is they smell like warm honey when they burn.

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