Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Love Casts Out Fear

Cover ArtThis afternoon both of the kids were napping and I was left with a rare moment of no obligations. It was the perfect time to catch up on a little reading. In my stack of "books I need to read" was this book, Love Casts Out Fear. I was intrigued by the book when I read the description-

"As a boy in Egypt, Brother Nathan witnessed an unthinkable attack on his father, a Christian pastor in a majority-Muslim country. After the attack Nathan sought revenge and vowed to avenge his father. As a man, by God's incredible provision, Nathan ministers in the village where his father was targeted, as well as in countless other cities and villages across Egypt and throughout the Middle East.

Love Casts Out Fear tells a gripping true story of danger, overwhelming anger, and forgiveness that's beyond comprehension. Through Nathan's experiences in Egypt, his beloved homeland, you'll see firsthand the joys and difficulties Christians face in the persecuted church in the Middle East. And you'll marvel at God's ability to care for those who follow his call and to change hearts in one of the most dangerous places in the world to claim Christ as Lord."

This book was a really quick read. I finished it within a few hours. The story is very simply written, but powerful. The story follows Nathan from a very young age until present day. The scope of the book really allows you to see God's grace in Nathan's life. From his early-days, filled with hate darkness to his current ministry, God is clearly working.   

 The reader gets a sense of both village-life and city life in Egypt during the 60/70's. These details of everyday life really made the story come alive and transported you to a dry and dusty Egypt. I also thought the end of the book was very interesting, reading about the how the Arab Spring effected his ministry. I would be curious how current events are changing things now! The book was an easy read that I believe would be suitable for many ages. This is one I plan to lend to a few teenagers in my life.

I received this book from Baker Publishing to read and review.

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