Saturday, October 3, 2015

ICP Journey Part 2

I had intended to write this post up a few days ago, but my brain and heart have been heavy. On Thursday our community and family was rocked by the shootings at UCC. Roseburg isn't far from us and a lot of my family lives there. So thankful that the family that was on campus during everything is safe!! I have been a bit foggy and unfocused the last few days, praying for those who lost loved ones. I still can't believe something like that happened in our small area!

Anyways, on to the second part of my ICP journey. Read part 1 here.When we decided to add another baby to the family, I knew the chances were high that I would have ICP again. I felt a lot more at ease with the entire thing. It just seemed a lot less catastrophic, I knew I could handle it. If the itching started, we would run the tests.

Without fail around 38 weeks I noticed my palms itched. Within days, the itch crept into my life again. We had moved and switched to a new midwife, but she was just as supportive as the last. I did the blood tests and waited for the results.

During that two weeks I noticed my itching eased from unbearable to annoying. My midwife decided that I could go to my due date, but absolutely no longer. When the results of my blood test came back, it was obvious that my bile acid levels were high, but not as bad as my previous pregnancy.

I felt a lot more confident in general this time around. I knew I could make it through the itching. I had my old tricks and I kept telling myself, "I have done it before!"

I think the reason my ICP wasn't as bad as the first pregnancy had a lot to do with a shift in my diet. Throughout my pregnancy and especially the third trimester, I was very conscious of what I ate. I tried to stay away from any fried or super fatty food that bogged down my liver. I laid off the chimichangas and tried to clean up my diet. This is something I have been trying to do during this pregnancy as well.

The day after Thanksgiving, on my due date, my midwife broke my water. Baby girl came hard and fast into this world, perfectly healthy (besides the cord wrapped around her neck 3 times). Once again I had survived another ICP pregnancy, and more importantly my baby did too!

I hope writing about my ICP might encourage and strengthen some mamas who are going through the same struggle. It is a scary road. Reading about successful, healthy births and babies always lifted me up during the hard itchy nights. If you are out there and you are itchy, you are not alone!! Our pregnancies might be rough but there is hope and relief when baby comes. I am 18 weeks with our third right now, and waiting on the itch. We will see what this pregnancy holds!       

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