Saturday, December 10, 2016

Around Our House Week 3

It's the second week of December and things around our house are quite.. Except for the sound of a constant hacking cough.. Violet and I have caught some bug and it sounds like a tuberculosis hospital in here.

Last weekend we made our annual trip to Shore Acres to look at the lights. I love the lights, but I love watching the kids watch the lights even more. My husband carried Elsie the Ergo and her neck was crooked back the entire time. This was her first year enjoying them. Despite the kids grumpy appearance, they had an excellent time. I love going into the old gardener's house after walking around in the cold to get hot apple cider and a cookie.  

Later in the week we continued our Advent fun and gathered with friends for the afternoon. I love this book by Lori Walkburg. After I read the book to the kids, they made their own candy canes with red and white peppermint playdough. Despite the fact that the red playdough was a bit too wet and the white playdough was bit too dry, they had fun. Then Heather and I made actual candy canes.. or well.. close enough to actual candy canes?! There was a bit of trial and error but we did eventually get the hang of it. Luckily, the wee candy consumers were not too picky about their appearance.

This little trouble is busy destroying my house. She has eaten a part of a page of e.e cummings, Robert Frost and Poe... Perhaps she will be a poet? She finally got a tooth and we are all still recovering from that. She is such a sweet and obliging baby but has proven to be a very grumpy and opinionated teether.

She just fits right into our family. We needed a little Elsie and we didn't even know it. She is the big kids constant companion and when they are gone she crawls around the house and looks for them. Even the cat likes her, and if you knew my cat, then you would know that's practically a miracle.

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