Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Contours Bravo 3-in-1

My daughter is beginning potty training.

Armed with cute underpants, chocolate chips and determination--- all we needed was a good potty chair. After potty training my son I quickly got rid of our other chair. It was a pain to clean and pretty much useless. Along came the Bravo. The Bravo 3-in-1 potty is well thought out and designed. The potty chair disassembles and can be used from the earliest potty training days, to well beyond. Beyond the main potty chair the seat can be used as a trainer and the base as a stool. We have the aqua color, which I think is great for a girl or a boy. The color also works well in our bathroom

For me, ease of cleaning the chair is a HUGE deal. This chair comes apart easily and fits together seamlessly. There is even a soft splash guard you can attach for little boys. I am sure this helps keep the spray down. The chair is made of a soft, smooth plastic. It cleans easily and doesn't hold onto odors.

The trainer fit perfectly on out toilet seat and easily clipped on. I like that it gave a little extra support for littles. If you have a child who is nervous on the potty, this would certainly add a sense of security. The back comes up higher and gives them something to rest on and hold onto.

The step stool is simply the white base of the potty. When you turn the base upside-down there is a non-slip surface. I thought this was well designed for both the potty and for use as the stool. It is both functional and attractive.

My least favorite part about the potty is how large it is. It really does take up a lot of space. We live in a one bathroom home, when the potty is out it is really in the way. At first I was a little disappointed about this, however in the long run it will take up less space. When my daughter is ready to move to the toilet seat feature, we can use the base as a step stool. An individual potty chair, seat and step stool would take up much more room. Plus when you think of the additional cost, the Bravo saves you both space and money.

I was sent the product to review by Contours, but I can say with confidence, this one is a winner.

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