Monday, August 10, 2015


Good morning friends! It's Monday and everything is a mess. I spent most of my weekend going places, leaving the house as a crash site. It's pretty yucky here. I working up the courage to get some work done. Meanwhile, did you know that I live in a really beautiful place?
The coast is only a short drive away! After church we headed to one of our favorite spots.


Everyone in the family is happy with a day at the beach. I spend all my time scouring the rocks for sea glass. I have been collecting these ocean gems forever. In my collection I have pieces I found before I knew my husband. I have pieces we collected together on our first date, the day of our first kiss, pieces from the beginning of our marriage. I collected sea glass as I grew bigger and bigger with our first child. In that same collection now are pieces my son has found himself. I remember picking up glass just days before I gave birth to my daughter. Yesterday it was the four of us, with the newest 10 week baby tucked inside me. Afterwards we all went and got bowls of clam chowder, the perfect ending for a beach day.

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