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Same Kind of Different As Me-- For Kids! BY Ron Hall and Denver Moore

I remember years ago picking up Same Kind of Different As Me. I was pregnant with my fist, nearing the end and highly emotional. Insane hormones + extremely moving book = emotional perfect storm. Seriously, I'm not sure if a book has made me cry like that to this day. When I saw that there was kids book coming out based on the adult version, I had to get a hold of it! Sort of neat that I read this while pregnant, all those years ago, and now I can read the kids version to my 6 year-old!

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Same Kind of Different As Me For Kids begins with Denver as a child. The book explains how he lived during the Great Depression. His family was very poor and worked on a plantation. He had to work and couldn't go to school and didn't have anyone to teach him. He desired to travel, learn and get out of his situation. However, when he leaves for the city he is homeless and can't get a job because he has no education. He lives as a homeless man for a lot of years and becomes very angry. He eventually meets Debbie at a homeless shelter and she tells him that God loves him and so does she. She and Ron help him and amazing things begin to happen!

I thought that the book did a great job of retelling the story in a way that children could connect to. This is a hard story, about homelessness and poverty and the way that people with less are treated. Talking about Denver's childhood, his bike, his dreams, it shows kids that people who end up on the street are people. They were children, like them, who might have had a really hard life and even when they try to rise above their situation, like Denver, they find they can't without some help.
That is the real heart of the book, sharing God's love and kindness. It opens up a lot of great conversation with children about homelessness and the power of one person who is willing to help.

This is a longer picture book and I would say it's probably best suited for children who can sit for longer periods, probably 4+. The illustrations are lovely and were actually done by the author. This is a kids book that touches the heart of the child and parent alike.

"Nobody can help everybody but everybody can help somebody." 
Denver Moore

I received this book in exchange for my honest review from BookLook Bloggers.


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