Thursday, July 30, 2015

Chevron Diaper Bag

It might seem a little odd, but I have two children and I have never owned a diaper bag. Now that we are adding another one to our family, I really needed a better purse solution. I have always just carried a large purse, and throw all my baby gear in it. While I get to carry any cute bag of my choosing, my purse is an impossible mess. I really wanted a versatile bag that doesn't scream "I keep diapers in here."

I got the chance to try and review this cute bag by Urban Mom. I love the chevron front and the leather accents. It's a nice, stylish bag that doesn't look to babyish or cutesy. The canvas shoulder strap is adjustable and easy to remove (if you so desire). I personally love the shoulder strap option-- when I am holding two little people's hands, I can not carry a purse too. Slinging it over my shoulder or cross-body is a must. The shoulder strap is made of a canvas material that looks a little more durable than the leather. 

When I was taking photos of the bag, I seriously thought I broke the leather closure strap.... I had been unhooking in through the hardware each time and didn't realize it actually has a snap! Oopps.. Anyways, very handy that is closes with a snap here and you don't have to fuss with it to open/close it. It also has two magnetic snaps on the interior too, to keep it closed.

Notice how the bag is sitting up, and not flopping all over the place or sagging?! The flat bottom keeps it from tipping everywhere.

Now let's talk about storage, because that's what all the mom's want to know about! The inside of the bag is cream and features a TON of pocket space. There are six lower pockets and three uppers. The inside also has a clip for keys. There is an exterior pocket that is almost the size of the bag. It closes with a snap. It is perfect to throw your phone or keys in for easy access. I would have liked to have seen an interior zip pocket, to keep little hands out of chapstick or hygiene products. I just threw a zippered pouch in there to store those things.

I love carrying this bag and I know that it will transition well from a diaper bag back into a regular purse. My husband can carry it (he usually turns it so the blue side faces out) and it doesn't look super feminine. It is classic, well made and super versatile!

I received this bag in exchange for my honest review and option.

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