Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Food52 Genius Recipes by Kristen Miglore

 If you are familiar with Food52.com, you will without a doubt recognize the concept of Genius Recipes. Kristen Miglore is the talented writer behind the posts, which feature uncommon means to create amazing meals. Many of the recipes truly are genius food "hacks", I would have never imagined.

The Food52 cookbook is all of that and more.
Taking the basic premise and upping the ante, the book features genius tips and quotes from the recipe authors themselves. There are tons of recipes and then some "mini" recipes thrown in as well.

You might think it easy, or lazy perhaps- a book of other chef's recipes. This is, however, no thrown together mishmash of okay recipes. There is something innovative, or as Kristen says, they make us rethink cooking tropes- in each recipe. Kristen has the knowledge and the wit to make each recipe description informative and interesting.

This is really what keeps the book from going stale, the variety of chefs and Kristen's descriptions. There are both famous and lesser known chefs featured. They have all been curated to feature what is truly genius about each one. The book is not only fun to read but truly widens the horizons of your cooking.

Genius Recipes really covers a wide variety of foods, Breakfast, Snacks & Drink, Soups & Salads, Meaty Mains, Meatless Mains, Vegetables and Desserts. There is no skimping, each section has an abundance of recipes to chose from.

I may have mentioned my particular love for beets and the book has a recipe I will be cooking soon. The Balsamic Glazed Beets & Greens features both the beet and the underused green. The beets are braised in red onion, balsamic vinegar, butter, tarragon and water. The liquid is then reduced into a syrup before adding the greens. I never thought to braise beets, but this technique will be coming to my kitchen.

The dessert section had a lot of delicious looking recipes. Honestly, this section was a little depressing to me, personally. After an indulgent weekend and the discovery that I'm pregnant, I have tried to really crack down on the sugar/gluten. I just looked and daydreamed about the treats I really shouldn't be eating. There was one recipe that did stand out because I could actually make it. The Orange and Almond cake, which involves boiling two oranges in water until all bitterness is gone. Then pulverizing them with eggs and ground almonds. I bet I can find a sugar substitute that will even work here.

You maybe asking yourself, why should I buy this book? I can look on the food52 website and read past articles- I can find most of these recipes online. I would say, you just can't find them like this. You can't find them all curated and in one place for you. Why run between the computer and the stove top, double checking if the technique or measurements are correct? Instead you can hold this beautiful, thick book in your hands and enjoy it. Look at it with your kids, take it with you to a friends. I took it camping and spent a few quite evening hours reading through it. Cookbooks can be an investment, but they area tangible inspiration to cook, that doesn't involve sitting in from of a screen.

And just as a side note, it's only $18.33 for the hardcover on Amazon right now! Not bad.

I received a copy of  this book through the Blogging for Books program.

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