Thursday, January 7, 2016

Whatever is Lovely

I was SO so excited to open this up when it came in the mail. My newest coloring book-- Whatever is Lovely. This book is a compilation of work from 12 different artists. The goal is for you to pick up a pencil, slow down and reflect on God's word.

 Each page features either a verse or  some inspirational quote. The quotes range from St. Francis of Assisi to Emily P. Freeman. There are a few hymns featured as well. The thing that ties them all together is that they glorify God.

Because there are 12 different artists, the pictures can be very different in style. The upside to this is there is a lot of variety. I think most people can find a style that they would enjoy coloring. The downside is then, that there are a few in here I wouldn't spend the time to color. Quite a few just don't really appeal to me. That's okay, because there are still a lot that I do like.

 The quality of the pages and book itself is just great. Each page is thick cardstock that can hold up to coloring. One can invest quite a bit of time coloring on these. The quality of paper (and art obviously) is what separates these from something my son would color on.

I do enjoy coloring, but honestly it just isn't something I plan on doing all the time. I enjoy working on one of these while watching a show in the evening to keep my hands busy. However, during the day I just feel like I could be doing something more practical.. Like actually reading my Bible. Or creating the art, not just coloring.

If I were to spend much time coloring, this is the book I would choose!

I received a copy from Blogging for Books in exchange for my review.

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