Saturday, April 30, 2016

Big Picture Interactive 52-Week Bible Story Devotional

I love when a book pleasantly surprises me. I was not expecting a whole lot from this devotional honestly. But this is anything but your average kids book.

The Big Picture Interactive 52-Week Bible Story Devotional (aka the longest book title ever) is a 52 week study that uses an app to bring the stories to life. I downloaded the app easily on my phone in just a few moments.

The first page of each week is a devotion that deals with the text being covered. I have really enjoyed these. Everyone in our family gets something out of them. They are easy enough to be understood by my five and three year-olds, but deep enough to touch the parent. It's really special when a kids book can speak into adult lives too.

The illustration that you see on the right is part of the interactive aspect. The app uses the camera on your phone to turn the images into digital-pop-ups. Basically, with the app open, you hold the phone like you are going to take a picture of the illustration. Then, the image comes to life! They pop-up on your phone and become 3-d. It's hard to explain, but it's really fun. My husband and I played around with it after the kids went to bed for longer than I care to admit.

The second page of the devotion has numerous different aspects--

Read It- The scriptural references for that weeks story.

Christ Connection- How the story reveals more about Jesus, his deity and redemptive power.

Watch It- This QR code is scanned in the app. Then you can watch a video that brings the story to life. These were really well done and fun. A narrator tells the story while kids in costume act out the story. My kids LOVE watching these.

Live Big- This section has activities you can do throughout the week to "live out" the scripture. Often these are to write, do something or brainstorm.

Big Picture Questions- In this section there are three questions that relate to the story. These really made my kids think. Some of the questions were a little complex for my kids to answer, but they were good ones to go through together.

Dear God- Finally there is a prayer that bring together all the aspects of the Bible story and devotion. 

This is such a fun and interactive devotional. My kids genuinely enjoy getting into it. I try to limit the technology that we use in our lives. They don't get to watch a lot of TV or play on phones or tablets much. I really don't want them to grow up glued to a screen. With that said, the technology utilized in this devotional has enhanced my kids understanding of the stories and helped them remember them better. I have really enjoyed adding this book to our morning devotional time!

I received a copy of this book from B&H in exchange for my honest review.

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