Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Winter Crazies

       Are your kids starting to go crazy being stuck inside? Mine certainly are. This time of year it is just to cold to send my two little people out to play. Being ages 4 and 2, they have a LOT of pent up energy. I am always looking for creative ways to entertain them that does NOT involve another episode of Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Here are a few fun games we have been enjoying--

     Dominoes - Exotic Animals  These Dominoes are made by Janod and are very high quality. This game is a favorite in our house. My four-year-old just adores playing this. The cards themselves are thick and sturdy, perfect for little hands. The graphic pictures are bright and just plain cute. My son caught on quick with the basics of the game. We played with the animals first, as I knew this would be more interesting to him. Once he got rolling with the game, we did the numbers a few times. The game is perfect for his age, not so hard it's frustrating but still engaging his mind.
       Tonight I heard him playing with my husband, "hmm I don't have a monkey but I do have a                fish!" I knew right away they were playing this game. I love seeing the games we buy used and          enjoyed. This is one we keep out, not shoved in a closet.

     eeBoo Animal Village Tell Me a Story This is such a fun and cute way to encourage creative storytelling. We have had these cards for almost a year now. Each card has a cute picture and when you put the pictures together you can create a story. It has been fun to watch my son develop his skills over time. At first, when he was three, I would lay a series of cards out at random and then tell him a story. I just made the stories up on the fly. The cards themselves are provocative enough that it is fairly easy to get creative. They sort of invite a story or situation.
          As he grew older we would look at the cards together from time to time. Just look at the sweet             pictures and talk about them. I would ask him questions about the cards "Why is that fox trying           to get in that tiny house?" "Why are those hedgehogs laughing?" It was fun to hear his answers           and ideas. Now he is almost four and enjoys making his own stories.

Next up, a boredom busting activity your kids can do! Bonus-- you most likely already have everything you need at home.

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