Wednesday, December 9, 2015

27 Weeks

27 Weeks
Every pregnancy I marvel at how time can go so fast and yet so stinking slow. It wasn't until kids that the passage of time seemed so distorted to me. I am both antsy to finish what has been a hard pregnancy for me, and simultaneously needing every moment to prepare myself for her arrival. I don't know how these feeling can take me by surprise even the third time around.

Health-wise this has been a rough go. My back has been the source of most of my pain. I had moderate back pain with the other two, but this time has been debilitating. Even with the help of a chiropractor I can't do much some days. I am thanking the Lord my Cholestasis (more about that here) hasn't begun yet. I generally don't get it until 30+ weeks and hopefully it won't be until the end of my pregnancy. Or maybe not at all! I can always hope!

I thought I would have everything ready to go for this baby, since we do have a lot of baby gear. I'm finding that after two littles, a lot of stuff is getting pretty worn out! My infant car-seat is expired, my moses basket broke and most of my bottles are missing parts. I am sort of dreading buying all of this stuff over again- especially considering that this might be our last babe.

We are all rejoicing that another little lady will be joining us before long. Despite some not-so-fun things, this has really been a special pregnancy. It fills my heart to the brim seeing the love my two big-kids have for baby Elsie!

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