Wednesday, December 30, 2015

God's Good News Bible Storybook from Billy Graham

Under the tree for my son this year was God's Good News Bible Storybook from Billy Graham. I was really pleasantly surprised by both the size and the quality of this book! It can be really hard to tell sometimes when you order books online, just what they are going to look and feel like. This book is quite large and has a durable cover and pages.

This is just an all around solid Bible Storybook. I haven't got the chance to read through everything thoroughly-- however, my kids and I have started working our way through it.

I really like that the selected scriptures are from the NKJV. The content is easy to understand for young ones, but it does introduce some more challenging words from the Bible. These have been great conversation starters. For example, today reading about Noah we got to talk about what "covenant" means. My son didn't know the word. I like that he can gain familiarity with some more difficult words and concepts from the Bible. Sometimes I feel like Bible storybooks are made so "kid friendly" that they don't do this.

The Storybook goes though the whole Bible, from beginning to end. Every few pages there is a "Note from Billy Graham". He offers a short devotional and tries to personally relate the stories to the kids. The illustrations are really lovely and vivid. This book really made a great gift. Thanks to Booklook Bloggers for the copy in exchange for my review.

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