Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Homemade Christmas

I knew things would be a little tight financially around the holiday season this year. Usually I pick up presents in the months leading up to Christmas. I find good deals and stash things away. Things had been so tight that I didn't have anything put up. I kept hoping that things would improve. Certainly, my husbands hours would pick back up and we would get a good check. However as Christmas grew closer, it became obvious that we weren't going to have much to spend this year. Two weeks before Christmas, looking at our last paycheck, it was certain.

Laying in bed one evening I was heartbroken that there wouldn't be much to give. I didn't need to get any presents, but I really wanted to provide my kids with something. I know it's silly. I tried to focus on what the season was really about, the birth of my Savior. I began to pray that the Lord would help me come up with something to make my daughter.  I have sewn for years and knew I had the skills to create something inexpensive but nice.

That night I began to brainstorm. I had two weeks until Christmas. Truly, the Lord inspired me. I wrote a list of ideas and began to excited. I knew if I could make most of my daughters gifts we would have more to spend on my son and his 5th birthday (two days after Christmas). I couldn't think of anything to make him, so I focused on Violet.

I decided to stock my daughter's play kitchen with felt food and kitchen things. She just turned three and loves to play restaurant. She takes our order and serves us imaginary food.

I spent a few hours on Pinterest looking at all the amazing felt food people have created. I knew I could make those things too! I spent $10 at Joann's and bought a huge pile of felt (I only used about half of it). The first things I made were felt cookies and then donuts.

I made a pear, apple slices, strawberries and banana slices. The only pattern I found online was for the pear. The rest I just created patterns for myself. By far the most time consuming piece I made was this cake-

I was finishing up the whip cream and strawberry slices night before Christmas Eve. I was so, SO sick of this project at that point!

I made her an apron and oven mitt out of fabric from my stash. I found her a rolling pin at Goodwill. I had some empty spice jars that I cleaned out and made labels for. I have been holding on to my old ceramic tea set to give her when she was old enough. This was the perfect time.

I had this old tin and decided to make a "teddy-to-go". Teddy was from Joann's. I made him a felt bed, blanket and pillow. He closes up snug in his tin.

I have some special little boys in my life who I wanted to give gifts to as well. These crayon wallets were really quick to whip up. They are not super fancy, but I think the boys liked them.

On Christmas Eve my husband and I sat down to wrap all the gifts we had for the kids. Truly, there was more than we could have imagined. The Lord really multiplied the little money we had. I found some great deals on other toys for both kids and birthday presents for my son. On Christmas morning as they unwrapped their things, I felt incredibly blessed. It was all so much sweeter and precious. The kids LOVED everything, both purchased and handmade. My husband even surprised me with a few small things.

It never ceases to amaze me how much the Lord cares. Truly, even if we hadn't been able to give our kids anything we are incredibly blessed with a home, food and safety. He provided when I saw no way that we could!   

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