Monday, February 29, 2016

The Berenstain Bears' Easter Blessings

I have been enjoying a little blog break these last few weeks. Baby is due on the 5th, so the countdown is on! I have been soaking up these last few days with my family and going to a million doctor appointments.

Today I thought I would share a quick review of a book we have been enjoying. I loved The Berenstain Bears growing up and it has been a pleasure to review a few of their newer faith based books. You can see a few of their other books here and here.

This little board book is a nice read and perfect for little hands. It fits right into the classic Berenstain style. The colors are bright and illustrations look similar to what they did when I was a child.

In this book the Bear family is celebrating Easter. First they enjoy a special Easter breakfast. Then Gran and Gramps show up to walk to church. As a family they stroll to church and "count their Easter blessings". They are thankful for their home and family but also all the people who help out in Bear county (doctors, nurses, farmers, police and firefighters). When they arrive at church, Preacher Brown emphasizes the greatest thing they have to be thankful for-- Jesus Christ risen from the grave!

It is a simple story that can be used to spark conversations about the things we are thankful for. Easter is a special time to "count your blessings". I think that it's an important practice for everyday of the week too! Every night as we tuck in our children we talk about the things that we are thankful for and the special blessings of the day. I liked that this book can inspire other families to make their own habits of thankfulness-- but most importantly the book focused on our greatest gift of all- Jesus.

I received this book from Worthy Publishing in exchange for me honest review.

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