Wednesday, June 17, 2015

First Sourdough of the Season

For the last week something has been growing in my kitchen... Something wild and yeasty. I made a new sourdough starter! I had two last year-- which I killed because I got sick of taking care of them. I'm not the greatest sourdough mama in the world. I have been daydreaming about sourdough, so I made a new starter. The process sort of creeps me out. Basically you leave flour and water out on the counter for a week- feeding it daily- and it catches the wild yeast from the air.

For my first loaf, I decided to make this recipe from King Arthur Flour. I didn't have any white flour, so it was all rye and whole wheat. Also I didn't add any Anise. I made about some about 12 rolls and 1 loaf. I snapped this photo of a roll really quick this morning, before I devoured it. They have a nice dark flavor, with a good amount of sour too. I heat them up in the microwave with butter. Next time I'm going to stuff them with cheese. Because that just feels right.

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