Friday, June 19, 2015

Current Beauty Faves

 I remember sneaking my mom's old crusty eye-liner when I was 13... My mom has never been into makeup, but from early on it has always fascinated me. I use to memorize makeup tips from Carmindy on What Not to Wear!

I still love makeup and enjoy trying out new and different products. today I thought I would share 4 products I am using ALL the time right now.

My husband actually got me this Origins Ginzing mascara for Christmas. I'm pretty sure the sales lady talked him into it ;) I really love this mascara. I have very long, thick lashes that tend to clump easily. This lifts and gives good lash definition. It lasts all day but washes off easy. I also love that it doesn't get crumbly. I hate mascara that starts to crumble and gets in your eyes- total pet peeve.

I also love this Benefit Lollitint. It is a super pigmented cheek and lip stain. I just have the small little sample one and it has lasted me a long time. Don't be turned off by the funky purplish color. It looks amazing on and is a perfect color for summer. There is just something so glowy and fresh about it.

The Bye Bye Under Eye concealer by It Cosmetics is a long time favorite. You can see a more complete review I did of it here. It just gives amazing coverage. The product is a little greasy-- my mascara does tend to run a bit into it after a long day. BUT you just can't beat the coverage for the price. I am almost out and need to buy some more soon! They need to make a matte version.

Finally this Elf  brow kit is pretty awesome. It is so so cheap-- I think $3 at Target. It comes with a gel and a powder. Inside is an angled brush for application. It gives a nice natural definition to my brows. 

What products are you loving right now? 

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