Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June Garden

 Every day I ask myself "are there any projects I need to do in the garden today?" most of the time the answer is no, I'm usually caught up on all my weeding/watering. However, without fail I wander out there. I love it, like a cucumber beetle on my beans, I can't get enough.

Last year I really wanted raised beds. My husband busted out his chainsaw and made these log beds for me. We won't be in the house forever, so they are a good temporary solution. I have four raised beds- behind them is a huge plot where I planted all my overflow.

The tree near the middle of the photo is Eucalyptus. I planted it last year... Perhaps not by best decision to place it there. It was so tiny when I  bought it, I never thought it would grow so big so fast. Things are far from perfect. I have battled it out with slugs and cucumber beetles. Plants have lost their lives. I love having a "before" photo of the garden. I took this photo last week and the plants are already considerably bigger. So here it is, the garden in June!

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