Monday, June 8, 2015


Monday means....

Dishes, dirt and laundry. Messes, spills and sticky substances. Laundry, did I say laundry? And dead mice your kitty kills and leaves for you to clean up. Children coming down off the weekend high and disappointment that daddy went back to work today.

And me, slightly disheveled, and tired because I stayed up too late watching Burn Notice with my husband. And not quite ready to tackle the mountain of work that lays ahead of me.

It was a good decision, years ago, when I decided weekends were for playing. Weekends are for spending precious time with my family, not cleaning up like a crazy person. Because, I am a crazy person and I love the clean- need the clean. My family though, needs me on the few days we can all play together. It doesn't always work out great, but it works out good enough.

And so.. here we are, with mountains of laundry and dishes and messes. It's Monday again and time to clean up the weekend. I get out my good smelling homemade cleaner, and diffuse some oils. The music, is of course, on and loud. The children are outside trying to make their bikes work on our gravel driveway and grass.

And a second cup of coffee is beckoning.

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