Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend Things

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We seem to be continuing a summer weekend tradition of shoving as much as humanly possible into one weekend. Being Father's day weekend, I thought I had best let my husband choose the activities. Friday night we went on a hike/picnic. Most people picture this sort of activity taking place at a park or designated picnic area. Not my husband. We drove way up in the woods and hiked to one of his "secret spots". He is a major hunter and pretty much lives to spend time in the woods. Lets just say the 1/2 mile hike was not 1/2 mile. It was fun though, and incredibly beautiful. It also involved wild flowers, a particular favorite of mine.

Saturday we went to some garage sales and out to eat. I found a treasure. I got this 5x8 Pottery Barn wool rug and a 2.5x9 that matches for $30! Woot! We also picked up 9 Nerf guns.. My husbands purchase... Oy. We now have enough Nerf guns to create our own small army. My son is quite pleased.

Sunday we went up to my parent's house to celebrate Father's day with them. It was a fun trip which involved lasagna, blackberry pie, floating on the river and lots of loves for grandma and grandpa. 

 And now it is Monday again. I have a play-date scheduled already and a few great books in the review que. I have sourdough rising in the sunshine outside and babies napping. And soon, a cup of coffee to tide me over! Enjoy your Monday!

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