Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mamaway Ring Sling

The next addition to my baby gear collection-- this sling by Mamaway.

I have a few baby carrying devices. My go-to is my Ergo pack. That thing has been a major life saver. It really works best for older babies though. For newborns I love using a sling.

I sewed a sling to use with my daughter. I loved it, but it wasn't adjustable. I really needed a ring sling like this one.

There are a lot of cute patterns to choose from, but I am a sucker for gingham. The material is 100% Pima cotton, it's light-weight and very breathable. I feel like I could use this in the summer and not roast. Because it is cotton, I know it will wash well.  There is plenty of fabric to adjust and provide adequate coverage if you breastfeed.

Since my baby won't be here until March, I tried it on with a friends. The rings felt super secure. I was worried it might feel like they were slipping. However, because of the double rings it
locks" in place. It felt comfortable around my shoulder and back.

I know that when my baby gets here, this will be a life saver. With three kids I am going to need my hands free! Thanks to Mamaway for sending me the product in exchange for my review!

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