Saturday, September 26, 2015


 After a week of unseasonably warm weather, I was relived to wake up to cloudy skies. I have been waiting for just such a day to get some garden work done. There is something so magic and freeing about saving seeds. I wasn't sure if I was going to get much done this year, due to my waning energy levels. However, with my tiny helper in tow, we got to work. She insisted on wearing an old shirt of her brothers, which was fine by me for garden chores.

After a morning of gathering we brought the bounty inside. I was surprised by how helpful she actually was. Generally, doing any job with an almost-three-year-old is rather inconvenient. I want her to learn and love this work so I do my best to say "yes". So, Violet and I got to shelling.

I found myself incredibly amused by her imagination. The beans were babies, being born from their mommies tummy. So sweet, and true in a sense. They are all the potential for new life! Each shell she popped open in surprise, "Oh! cute babies time to come out." I guess we all have babies on the brain around here.
 In the afternoon I prepped a huge turkey for dinner. After a major influx of meat from my husbands elk, a freezer clean was necessary. On the bottom of our chest freezer I discovered a forgotten turkey and ham (along with numerous other ridiculous things I had tucked away). We planned an epic family feast tonight. Unfortunately, just as the turkey went in the oven my husband got a call from a friend-- who had, of course, just killed a "monster bull". So off he went to help pack the thing out. It's funny, this is something that probably would have upset me in years past. After all the work I went to, to have him leave. I would have pouted the rest of the night and not enjoyed the time I did have with the kids. This time I just tried to focus on being thankful for the meal, the kids and the fact that he is so faithful to help a friend in need. Fall can be such an unpredictable season around this joint. Hunting is such a huge part of my life in the, but it's not a part of me at all. I'm glad he has a hobby he enjoys, that fills our freezer and is seasonal ;) The kids and I still enjoyed our feast. The turkey is, at this moment, sitting out *still*. I just can't bring myself to the unsavory task of carving that beast up and finding room for it in the fridge. After it's cut and the meat is put away then I still have to get the carcass in the crockpot for stock. Clean up is my absolute least favorite task of all. With candles all glow-y and kids tucked in, I had better get to it!

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